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At BROWNS CRANE AND HOIST TRAINING, we’re committed to encouraging both staff and students to continuously create, grow and learn. Our curriculum reflects this commitment, as well as the diverse backgrounds and cultures of our instructors and participants alike.

We offer an unmatched variety of courses and programs, created for individuals or groups of all ages and academic levels. Browse our site to learn more, and get in touch if you have any questions. @We will do a walk through.

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Learning Made Easy

Our mission at Our training center is to provide quality courses and a friendly learning environment. We focus on empowering people by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to help reach their goals. With our uniquely practical and straightforward approach, participants can begin applying their new skills after just one course session.

Reviewing for the Exam

Train The Trainer

 will customize a program to your needs.

  1. At BROWNS, we’ve worked hard to develop a variety of courses and programs to fit everyone’s needs. Whether you want to improve existing skills or expand your horizons, you’ve come to the right place.


Instructor Training

Rewarding Results

Our goal is to empower people through the expansion of knowledge. This course is a great way to begin or continue that journey. We often find that those who enroll for our programs are unaware of their own capacities, and through this course and our many others, we intend to change that. Contact us today to get more information.

Overhead traveling cathead with steel hooks in industrial engeenering plant shop. Steel sl
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Custom Training On Your Cranes

Exceptional Progress

If you’re looking for optimal growth in a short amount of time, this course is perfect for you. Will do a walk through then make a plan for the training needed . inspections4me@gmail.com

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